Starbucks’ fashion

Starbucks is an international chain of coffee shops is a place where, especially students of high schools and universities, came to meet friends and maybe to have a pause of pleasure durind the day. The headquarters of this group is in Seattle and the chain of coffee shops was founded in 1971.
The Starbucks outlets are mainly located in large cities such as European capitals for example London, Paris or Berlin. Unfortunately you can not find Starbucks in Italy, perhaps because Italians love the espresso and then it would be very difficult to drink this type of coffee which is more “light” and for this reason become a kind of drink. In fact Italian coffee is famous for its strong taste and it is usually drink in a “pure way”, in the sense that is more common to order a normal espresso than for example a “frappuccino”; and then it would be difficult for us Italians, to abandon the traditional ceramic cup double and the ritual of taking a steaming hot coffee at the bar! Probably, just for one of these reasons, the Starbucks would not be as successful as in the rest of the world, although probably sooner or later will be open a Starbucks store in Milan or Rome.
We have just to wait to see if they will be able to succeed also with this demanding public.

Do not forget that Starbucks has had in any case a global success with 17,000 outlets in 49 countries, numbers speak for themselves. The Starbucks most popular product, is without any doubt, the Frappuccino, which over time has become the flagship product of Starbucks, it is consumed in the typical plastic tumbler with straw! The Frappuccino is a very special coffee, and the glass that contains it has a capacity of about 500 ml. Below there is his recipe:
250ml cold milk
3 spoons of sugar
2 spoons of instant coffee
1 cup of ice cubes


There are different tastes,for example one with a good espresso coffee flavor, and the chocolate one, in which the coffee is not present, but it is garnished with white cream and icing chocolate.
In addition to various types of coffee you can find many desserts, like chocolate cake, muffins, pastries and classic cakes like the cheesecake. The prices are low and accessible to all! And exactly low prices, quality and originality of its coffees, have allowed Starbucks to achieve this great success all over the world.


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